Topographic Surveys

Topographic surveys are essential if you’re planning construction on a property, especially if you’re adding new buildings. Unlike other surveys, topographic surveys will yield a 3D model of the property that engineers will need in order to redesign the site to meet your needs for development. Using that information to balance the amount of material on site, a developer can save thousands of dollars by purchasing and hauling away minimal material. We use the industry’s leading software to develop the most accurate models we possibly can.

Topographical surveys will include features such as:

  • Surface Model
  • Roadway Cross Sections
  • Curb/Gutter
  • Storm Structures
  • Utilites – Water, Sewer, Gas, Storm, Communications
  • Pervious Surfaces – Gravel
  • Impervious Surfaces – Concrete
  • Ditch Lines
  • Natural Swells
  • Hills
  • Stream banks
  • Landscaping
  • Mature Trees
  • Drip Line of Forested Areas