Subdivison Design

If you have a parcel that is 5 acres or less and want to subdivide any portion of it, even into (2) 2.5 acre tracts, in most areas it will require approval of a local planning commission. We do hundreds of these each year and know the rules and regulations each area requires. Soils, Utilities, and many other factors will be involved with this process, so please contact us with any questions prior to making the decision to subdivide.

Sometimes referred to as subdivision platting, a subdivision survey will provide map data in conformance with subdivision ordinances. Subdivision ordinance provides standards for designating residential and commercial lots, parks, roads, and utilities and water drainage easements.

We utilize our 5 Professional Surveyors to your advantage in the subdivision design process in order to collaborate and weigh the options with marketing, design, and feasibility in mind. Our company has the education, experience, and creativity to bring your development to the top of the market.