FEMA Elevation Certificate

If your home or business is located in a floodplain or an area at risk for flooding, you will likely need a FEMA Elevation Certificate in order to obtain insurance on the property. This certificate is used to determine your flood insurance premium.

Whittenburg Land Surveying is authorized to certify your property’s elevation information and provide you with a FEMA Elevation Certificate so you can get the insurance you need.

Prior to Elevation Certificate Client had to pay Flood Insurance on the existing Structure because the property it was located on was within the Flood Plain.

Elevation Certificate Plat

Example of Elevation Certificate

After we performed a Letter of Map Amendment (LOMA) our client was not required to pay flood insurance due to the fact the house was located outside the flood plain.
The burden of proof is on the landowner and in some cases we can provide proof to FEMA that insurance is not necessary by means of an Elevation Certificate and a LOMA application.