Boundary Surveys

Every land owner should have a boundary survey on each property they own. If you have a boundary survey that is older than 25 years, it should be updated. Many neighbors think they know where their boundary lines are, and yet many are surprised to find out the previous land owner gave them some wrong information. A current boundary survey will make all parties involved aware of the property lines and give them each the opportunity to work with us to resolve any issues, should they arise.

If you desire to fence your property or have long distances between the property corners, make sure you request the property lines be marked when requesting your Free Quote. This will add additional time and therefore additional cost, and we want to make you aware of those upfront. We don’t like “sticker shock” and assume you don’t either, so we quote each job prior to performing any work. Once a price has been agreed upon for the scope of services, we will furnish you an invoice for 50% with a notice to proceed. Once the 50% has been received, we consider this our contract to begin working for our client. The remaining 50% is not due until we have fulfilled our contract for the scope of services agreed upon.

You may have heard the old saying “Good Fences make Good Neighbors.” Well a boundary survey with property line marking is the part that makes a good fence possible.