Additional Land Surveying Services

We offer the following land surveys in addition to our primary surveys.

Mortgage Surveys – Used by lending institutions to relate the structure for which money will be leaned against in relation to the property boundary for which it is built upon.

Easement Surveys – Shows the area of land which a party other than the landowner has rights to use for specific purposes as outlined in the easement.

Forensic Surveys – Required for litigation, lawsuits, trials, or hearings. The cases range from criminal cases to civil and personal injury litigation.

Settlement Monitoring Survey – Used during construction projects where structural integrity is tested against mother nature or ongoing construction that could cause any type of structural failure.

Hydrographic Surveys – Used to map the ground that lies underwater using sonar methods with GPS or trigonometric leveling in shallow areas.

Photogrammetric Surveys (Aerial Target) –Used to establish ground control to correlate aerial photos with known physical markers on the ground to collaborate the multiple photos together for large scale mapping.

Utility Location/Mapping – Used to map underground utilities to their relation with above ground structures and other utilities.

Geographic Information Systems – Large scale mapping with endless attributes and applications. Endless amounts of data can be collected and compared to one another with any type of mapping as a background to show their relation.

Construction Site Layout – Taking a new design and marking it on the earth’s surface, both horizontally and vertically for construction to represent exactly what the designer wanted and providing quantity calculations for payment adequacy of completion.

Route Surveys – Shows the proposed design of a highway, railroad, or utility line both horizontally and vertically.

Residential Foundation Layout – Used in the construction of any new building of any size, the architectural foundation footprint is physically marked on the ground in its proper location related to zoning setbacks and subdivision regulations.

Telecommunication Surveys (Cell Tower FAA 2C and 1A Certifications) – Used in any phase of the acquisition or construction of a communications tower showing details about the tower and the site specific to the industry.

Soil Grid Survey – Used to help map an area for subsurface sewage disposal. A grid is marked on the ground with nomenclature that will be correlated with a map to be used by a soil scientist and the department of environment and conservation to establish a high density drainage system for multifamily or commercial development not on a municipal sewage system.

Oil & Gas Well Surveys – A survey used in part of the permitting process for any type of drilling applications, largely for mapping of each well by a government agency.